Simpson & Vail - Herbal Tisane -Organic Rooibos Chai
Simpson & Vail - Herbal Tisane -Organic Rooibos Chai

Simpson & Vail - Herbal Tisane -Organic Rooibos Chai

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Simpson & Vail - Herbal Tisane - Organic Rooibos Chai

What Is Tisane?
Also known as herbal teas, tisanes (pronounced ti-zahn) are not actually teas at all (i.e., they do not come from the Camelia Sinensis plant). Instead they are infusions made from leaves, bark, roots, berries, seeds, and spices. Common tisanes include mint, chamomile, verbena, and rooibos.
Tea vs. Tisane: Caffeine

Another big difference between tea and tisane is caffeine. All teas have caffeine. The amount varies from a low of 35 milligrams per eight-ounce cup for green tea to a high of 90 milligrams for black. Herbal infusions, on the other hand, are caffeine-free, making them ideal for post-supper sipping.

Organic Rooibos Chai
Chai Masala (Spiced Tea) is a tea blend with origins in India. It is traditionally a mix of black tea and spices that is steeped in milk with sweeteners added to it.

This caffeine free Rooibos Chai blend is formulated to brew in less time than when making traditional Chai. For this tea we have blended Rooibos with spices and added natural flavor to enhance the spiciness inherent in Chai Masala tea blends. This tea brews to a deep amber cup with an exotic spice aroma and taste. The underlying nutty taste of Rooibos perfectly blends with the spices to create a cup with a lingering spicy taste that is perfect alone or with milk and/or sweetener.

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, organic cinnamon pieces, organic anise seeds, organic cloves, natural spice flavor and organic cardamom pods.

Brew tea at 212º - steep for 5 minutes.

Caffeine-free - Certified Kosher - Certified Organic