What About Bob?

From the best of my recollection:

I had just recently hiatused 😊 and needed something to do.  I was looking for some great paying delivery jobs to pass the time so I went to visit Veyo, a (Be your Own Boss) driving opportunity in New Haven. Veyo is located at a very cool place - The District Office Park - An office park inspiring business that shape the future.  District helps entrepreneurs empower their business by providing the space, resources and opportunities for them to make an impact.  They also have a great BBQ restaurant called Stack.  As I was standing at the reception desk in this very cool place, I noticed a table scattered with brochures.  I spotted Fish on one of the brochures and of course me being a fisherman had to look further.  There was a large tank of fish on one of the brochures and as I read on, I found that these fish were feeding plants – AQUAPONICS!  I was hooked.  Loved the idea – Aquaponics is a sustainable method of raising both fish and vegetables. I recently had gone to visit an aquaponic farm in Meriden (Trifecta Ecosystems) and saw their farm, WOW!  Before I left, I bought one their $25 bag of goods and they loaded it up with lettuce, basil, watercress, etc. right from the farm 100 ft. away and harvested the day before.  I took it home, tried it out and BANG! I never knew that lettuce had so much flavor.   I had researched both Hydroponics and Aquaponics for 2 years and choose Hydroponics to start my business as it was not as complex.  But Aquaponics is still a possibility.



So, I started selling H2O hydroponic lettuce at 3 farmers markets and had an overwhelming response. I met a lot of other vendors that had great stuff and always had the idea to have a farmers’ market delivery service. Just so happened there was a little virus going around that spurned me into action. And, Voila. HydroFresh.farm without a farm was born!  But we will get there soon. If there is anyone who would like to take a look at the future of farming as an education tool or investment, come find me - bob@hydrofresh.farm