SALTOPIA Organic Infused Sea Salts

There are two prime reasons that we at SALTOPIA come to work each day: HEALTH & FAMILY. Salt is the most common ingredient for any recipe from soups to desserts. As more health conscious consumers continue to seek out organic or healthier 'farm to table' options, salt is the key ingredient being overlooked. The factory-made table salts are the ones making us sick due to the chemicals added: bleach, anti-caking agents, pouring agents and other toxic chemicals. Meanwhile pure, naturally harvested, unrefined salts are the most essential mineral we cannot live without as humans. We see a vast amount of the population either too busy to be healthy or already sick, struggling to shop at their local farmers markets, hoping to achieve better health...all the while they go home and salt their farm fresh, organic foods with toxic chemicals found in their manufactured table salts. Our battle is educating consumers to understand the difference between the two separate salt options. Cooking a simple, healthy meal can be delicious with the right pinch of salt. We understand how hard it is to get dinner on the table - a dinner that didn't come from the drive-through or the microwave. This is why we offer simple recipes with each and every one of our salts to remind families to put away their smart phones, sit down at the kitchen table, talk about their day together and pass the SALTOPIA. Life used to be simpler, Let's go back there again each time we sit down together to enjoy a meal.
Saltopia creates a world where the most essential mineral is infused with unexpected flavors. These savory salts create a stir within any edible ration.