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About the Artist - TRACY FROITZHEIM

Tracy Froitzheim - Artist   

Tracy has been living in the Keys’s for over 20 years. Her and her

husband have been professional Yacht and Sportfish captains for

over 30 years fishing all over the East Coast , Bahamas, Caribbean

and Mexico. Recently retired she started creating her Fun Fused

Fish. Fishing has been her passion for so long that she decided to

apply that to a new artistic outlet. She has created her own version

of Reef, Pelagic & Tropical fish from memory and makes each and

every one to be unique with a personality of its own. The process

starts by conceiving the design, painstakingly cutting the glass ,

adding multiple layers of glass sometimes including dichroic, and then

firing each piece. After a day of cooling from the 1400 degree kiln,

she chooses matching decorator hand blown glass beads with

hanging wire to add a special touch in the end. Each piece is

signed and unique .

Tracy has taken many commissions and welcomes the challenge

of creating pieces of art designed just for you, there is no limit

to her imagination.  

I hope you will enjoy these new pieces of art hand made from the

Florida Keys. And stay tuned for future creations and please

feel free to contact her with any questions .


Best wishes and Fishes from the Florida Keys,

Tracy Froitzheim

Tracy.froitzheim@ Facebook


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