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Our Story
We have been growing and distributing fresh wheatgrass & microgreens since 1982 (before it was cool).  Harley Matsil began his backyard business in Brooklyn when not a blade of wheatgrass could be found in NYC.  His life-long friend, Jack, had told him of wheatgrass he had been serving at the beach in California.  The two friends dreamed of bringing this amazing superfood to the NY market, and Perfect Foods was born.  Today, Harley, together with his family & staff, grow their products upstate in Goshen, NY and deliver these fresh superfoods to hundreds of juice bars, healthfood stores, supermarkets, and private homes in the tri-state region weekly.
Quality & Reliability
We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Our indoor growing facility operates year-round to bring you the freshest possible products. We use rich composted soil, full-spectrum lighting, and filtered water to guarantee the greenest, healthiest wheatgrass and microgreens in the world.  Everything we grow is USDA certified organic.

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