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Our story

As an avid nature lover, I created OUT OF THE HIVE to care for and support the bees that have given so much of themselves to the special land on which we live. After witnessing a decline in the bee population, that was responsible for pollinating our fruit trees and vegetable garden, I decided to take action and install beehives along our land. 

Today, I conceptualize, design and manufacture honey and beeswax-based products derived from the beehives on our property. Our hard working honey bees are Varroa sensitive hygiene (VSH). Bees bred to have high levels of VSH tend to keep mite populations below thresholds recommended for treatment with pesticides.  What we’re left with is pure and natural, organic honey. If we can protect and support the gentle bees that are responsible for pollinating the foods we eat and the plants we love, I believe we can positively influence generations to come.


At OUT OF THE HIVE, we believe happy bees inspire a happy world. That’s why we’re on a mission to support and protect these gentle, hardworking insects. Through our dedication to bringing you local honey and beeswax-based beauty products we remain committed to achieving our vision of a world where bees experience the appreciation they deserve. 

Pictured below is Ioana - Protector of the Bees

Member of HUDSON VALLEY NATURAL BEEKEEPERS Member of BYBA nation’s largest club for beekeeping.

Out of the Hive                                                Bee Hive

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