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After becoming a parent I became passionate about holistic living and natural remedies. As a Kindergarten teacher and a brand new mother to a precious little boy, I became concerned with proactively keeping myself and my family healthy. I began to look into elderberry syrup, which came recommended by my pediatrician. I wasn’t impressed by the taste or price of the store brands so I decided to experiment and make my own. I made batches and batches for my family and tried out different recipes with all kinds of herbs until I found something I loved.

I began sharing this magical syrup with my family, friends, and some local moms. The feedback I got was AMAZING! Many reached out and said their children loved it. Some said they got over being sick in just a few days. Some said their overall energy improved. Some even used it as a syrup in cocktails and served it at parties. Everyone’s positive feedback motivated me to perfect my syrup recipe and turn it into a business. J's Homemade officially launched in October 2018.

I am SO proud of my product and I am so excited to share it with you and your family!

With love,


Julie Messina
J's Homemade LLC
Bethel, CT 06801 


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