Thank You for your Support!

We want to thank all of you that have been supporting the local vendors during this time of crises.  I am just starting to write weekly (hopefully) newsletters highlighting our local vendors. No better way to know a community than to serve them and help each other.

But today is Memorial Day - a day to stop and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  People on a day like today are kinder to each other remembering those that gave their life for our Freedom.

These days we have been impacted with another “war” called Covid-19.  As I drive around making deliveries these days, I see more people together - walking, riding their bikes, talking to each other, hanging out at parks.  People are being kind and more considerate to each other.

I Ask myself why does it take a disaster to bring people together and to show acts of kindness?  I guess it is our basic humanity that we were born with.  Babies & children are vulnerable - filled with trust, innocence and unconditional love.  When disaster strikes maybe we return to that state of vulnerability where we feel defenseless and inspired to be kind and connect, support and love each other.

Because of this virus the world has slowed down and forced us to take a step back – maybe it’s telling us to take care of the Earth and most of all each other.

God Bless and Stay well my friends!

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